•Opus Group NW creates a tailored approach for you to get the results you want.  We have a track record of clients, finding relief to current challenges, developing new skills and experiencing greater fulfillment.  

Personal Development Coaching –  Typically, we work in 60 minute coaching sessions.  These sessions can be in-person or over phone/computer.  We find that clients typically come to us looking for relief from a life challenge or transition and then begin to get in touch with who they are, what they love and how they want to be living in the world.  Once the client is in touch with those longings we work together to manifest those visions in the world.

Executive Coaching – 

Today, leaders are challenged to generate impactful results and build relationships. This challenge requires people who are alert, inventive, eager to learn — people who are flexible and resilient, and who bring creativity and imagination to resolve problems and inspire teams.

For many, the skills that have succeeded so far are no longer sufficient for the times. Today, leaders are recognized for the ability to bring vision, meaning and purpose to the workplace; to inspire creativity, commitment and enthusiasm; to build an environment that honors diversity, fosters excellence, and tends to relationships with people. They are called upon to effect a continuing transformation for themselves and their organizations.

For those who have taken such a leadership role, Opus Group NW offers regular, individual coaching designed to grapple with the real issues that leaders confront today.

We address a range of complex issues and events that confront leaders in organizations today. These include:

• Building effective communication skills for successful personal and professional relationships.

• Build self-awareness and understanding of what impact
 your behavior has on others.

• Responding quickly and thoughtfully in intense situations.

• Taking a clear stand on important issues while staying 
connected to colleagues with different  points of view.

• Resolving conflicts within teams, or between management and staff.

• Performance management.

• Accountability to accomplish sales targets or productivity goals.