Our intention is to bring positive shifts in the quality of your life. These shifts will allow you to live a life with greater freedom to be your authentic self and have the power and confidence to be in action, living a deeply fulfilling life.

Opus – an artistic composition, a work of art, a creation.

We believe that every person has a creative expression to bring to the world – your Opus. This creation may be in how you parent your children, build your career, tend to an aging parent, take on a CEO role in a Fortune 500 company, or step into a creative practice that you have always dreamed about.

The team at Opus Group is made up of successful business people, gardeners, pianists, parents, entrepreneurs, lovers of life and more.  We hold the human journey as a sacred experience that is full of challenges, mistakes, unbelievable accomplishments, pain, deep fulfillment and sometimes moments of pure joy.  Whatever place you find yourself in the moment is only the next step toward living into your Opus.

Opus Group NW was founded by Mary Beth Anthony.

Mary Beth brings warmth, compassion and a depth of experience to her practice which creates an environment of safety and emotional support in which to address your most challenging concerns.

She has been working in the fields of education, business, health and human potentiality for 20 years.  She has been in practice since 2003 supporting people with physical, emotional and spiritual well being.  She graduated from Antioch with a Masters in Education, is a certified NLP coach from the NLP Institute of California and currently attending Saybrook University to receive her MA in Systems Counseling and Family and Marriage Therapy.

She works closely with the clients to create dynamic relationships that support powerful journeys.