Mysteries, Yes

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Destination this morning… the woods.    Coming out of the trail I was greeted by the moment when the sun pierced the fog. The surprise from nature dropped me to my knees in awe.    I bowed my head in gratitude. For it is moments like this that remind me, that all of life is just one delicious Mystery waiting to be revealed and for a split second I get to hold beauty in the arms of my...

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for all our children

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The turning of the calendar was significant for me this year.  I was invited to set intentions for the next 500 to 26,000 years.  Funny… when the invitation is so large… the intent can become very simple. Intention = Let us choose love. To mark this passage in a memorable way I took my sons to Whidbey Island to a favorite spot – The Earth Sanctuary.  This nature preserve is a gift for those to come in 500 years.   Imagine tending to life not only for today, but also for a place that your great great great great grandchildren would visit.   On these 72 acres you will...

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let me introduce you to…

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This is a taste of the creative work of my dear companion and great teacher, Jeanette. Her work is an embodiment of the true, good, and beautiful. Let me introduce you to her creative contribution to this planet.  I’m certain you’ll discover inspiration like I have.

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hope from an anomaly

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Witnessing beauty of this nature gives me hope. Outside our home cars stopped in awe. Walkers found the highest point to just “be”. We raced around the house for the best view. All eyes in one direction. A moment of solidarity. Might our love of beauty become a bridge for love and harmony? I hope.   * gratitude to my husband for capturing the moment, one of his many...

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a confession, all 88

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The moment I heard Jessica Williams play Erik Satie’s Gymnopedie something inside of me cracked open and my love for the piano was released. I am a closet piano player (can’t even say pianist yet).  I take weekly lessons (which make me sweat) and I try to sit at the piano 15-20 minutes each day. I allow this art to change me, work me, and turn me inside out. The process of making art is a scary act of confronting the perfectionist in me.  Daily it brings me face-to-face with my lack of confidence, vulnerability, insecurities, and  beginners mind and skills. I often ask myself...

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the elder speaks

Posted by on Oct 31, 2012 in inspirations | 1 comment

I want to introduce you to Sylvia.  Sylvia is a 600 year old fir tree who is nestled in a park near the shores of Lake Washington.  With a girth of 26.3 feet in diameter she stops you in your tracks.  When she calls it is hard to deny. In the words of Mary Oliver, “I let my voodoos of ambition sleep” today and made my way to this beautiful being.  I took the day off to just listen.   Listen to the maple leaves fall on the thick bark of Sylvia’s back, listen to the slug meander through the crevasses of her trunk, listen to my fingers rub on her belly until there was no...

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