Being Alive

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Being Alive

I’ve been reflecting of late on how I am in the world. Of the times when I come alive … and the other times when I am deadened and spiritless.

Life shrinks when we grasp at security; a full life is all about taking risks, stepping out of the ordinary, comfortable confines of what we know. Living a full life means stepping into the unknown.

There are moments in my life when I shrunk from life with uncertainty, when I chose comfort and safety. These were times of stagnation, an abandonment of my true self.

In other times, though, when I dared to take a chance, make a mistake, get messy, and be a fool for love. And yes I felt exposed and vulnerable. But I felt ALIVE. Chance, daring rupture in the smooth plane of safety, is stepping off the well worn path in the forest near the house I grew up in. With each breath and footfall, I become present and hear – a sole singer in the center of the wood, piercing through the layers of all of life’s sound. Surprise. I am different, connected, altered.

woman laying on log

Sometimes it’s the refusal of all other sound that allows for the smallest pierce of new. Life needs a point of entry into our very being – a crack in our carefully crafted, safe choices in order to allow us to feel the hum of being alive.

Ask yourself … what is the cost of making the safe choice? What might you be missing out on? Then ask … what changes will you allow yourself to make today? Is there a small fissure in your well-crafted armor that you can shine some light into?

Recently I’ve been observing nature more keenly – marveling at its resilience and flexibility … the way it flows and exposes itself to the elements, its constant bend toward life.  Nature will even find a way, even up through pavement, to find the sun. ! And I wonder … what parts of me am I shielding from the light?

I send myself out to greet her, to expose my soul to her … allowing the rain to fall on my cheeks, the wind to rustle my hair… and I attempt to mirror nature’s fluidity, wildness and tenacity. I open myself up to being alive.