The deliciousness of being a woman

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The Deliciousness of Being A Woman                    

The eye can travel down a woman much like water

flowing down the river. Her curves create

eddies for the imagination to linger

in her softness. Her mounds


more than the world can bear to know. No straight

lines attached to endpoints. Only divergent, coupling

knotting, opening connections that (re)invent

the world from what is

held in her body. Endless

time is. Limitless, melting away in the curves

folds, bends, depths and the eyes. The eyes that can

hold and steadily grow the magical possibilities

of the soul. Capable, forgiving

soft and strong.

Co-created by:  Francene Watson, Olivia Ullrich, Alicia Goodwin & Mary Beth Anthony

I was at a clothing party on Thursday with about 20 other women.   A range of body type, age, and ethnicity present.  I was just in awe of the curves and shapes we women possess.  Walking artistry – flowing river of goodness.

In the spirit of this I asked a few friends to co-write a piece that speaks to the “yum” of being a woman.




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  1. Powerful.