die before you Die

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I am sitting in my chair, warm cup of tea in hand, warmth of the heater moving past my skin.

 He said, I am dying.

I am moving and must choose to be here or leave the present moment.

He would make the same choice.

I chose. Flow

Tell me your story, I say…

He spoke of weaving courage and goodbye

I am honored, awestruck and in love (I was left in awe at the depth of his authenticity – no pretense to hide the shame, fears, angst of his imperfections.  Just love.

I emerge anew into the evening’s welcoming arms.


Interior of Dolmen at the Earth Sanctuary at Whidbey Island

Rabia, a great poet and mystic, invites humanity into the daring act of allowing parts of our Self to die, in order to truly live.

Ironic, but one of the most intimate acts

of our body is


So beautiful appeared my death – knowing who then I would kiss,

I died a thousand times before I died.

                     Have wings that feared

                       ever touched the Sun?

"die before you die"

Dolmen Megalith found on Whidbey Island,
Ideal respite to contemplate that which is time to release in order to step into your purpose 

                 I was born when all I once

                          feared – I could


Here’s to living full out.


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