the elder speaks

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I want to introduce you to Sylvia.  Sylvia is a 600 year old fir tree who is nestled in a park near the shores of Lake Washington.  With a girth of 26.3 feet in diameter she stops you in your tracks.  When she calls it is hard to deny.

In the words of Mary Oliver, “I let my voodoos of ambition sleep” today and made my way to this beautiful being.  I took the day off to just listen.   Listen to the maple leaves fall on the thick bark of Sylvia’s back, listen to the slug meander through the crevasses of her trunk, listen to my fingers rub on her belly until there was no difference in my skin or hers and listen to the stillness.

The opus of this elder was alive, and Sylvia was the star attraction of this forest symphony.

A concert of this sort is so raw and unpredictable that it touches my core, that part of me that refuses to be tamed, much like Sylvia.

As I sink into her music I don’t want to peel my hand from her trunk.  This is the creative space that I long for… a place that merges ancient gestures with the dark mystery of our human existence.

The elder speaks… return.

My experience is that in my own life and in the lives of my clients I see that we get caught up in the busy-ness of our daily lives and we forget who we are, what feeds us, and what makes us want to jump out of bed in the morning.

I want my life’s work to be about finding the wild, messy, powerful, long-lasting Sylvia in all of us.

What are the experiences that allow you to venture into the crevasses of your longings, commune with the untamed parts of yourSelf that yearns for freedom and touches into the mystery of your existence?






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  1. Your words are music and nourishment for my soul and an answer to the ache that has been growing inside. Deep gratitude to you wise ones, Mary Beth and Sylvia.
    I visited Sylvia this past weekend and found a rose and a bud in a secret crevice in her side…..might you know something of that? :) xoxo

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