soulful parenting – the fire of the comet

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soulful parenting – the fire of the comet

At the core of every human is an imperishable flame,

 the same energy that permeates all things,

 the fire of the comet, the twinkle of the stars.                    

 ~ James A. Connor

For my children, I will do anything.  This is true about me.  I have even been called a mother bear at times.   For my children and yours, I am a commitment for the souls of our children to shine.  Can you imagine a world with children whose parents had a practice of holding them with as much awe as a comet.

A great read is The Soul of the Child, by Michael Gurian

Opus Group NW offers coaching for parenting challenges (not that any of us have those)

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  1. Beautiful!
    Thank You MaryBeth!

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