when courage is lost – the fatal wound

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when courage is lost – the fatal wound

It happened to me.

I started to care about what others thought of my writing and images.

There is so much tension in this space.  It feels like an internal log jam of the soul.  In one moment my heart would burst open with a moment of pure sweetness that I wanted to express and in a flash the internal critic/editor would say … but “what will they think”.

This blog is a canvas to express mySelf, share tiny moments that inspire me or the team, and to excavate my Opus.

What I love most about creativity is the uncertainty and then I found myself needing certainty.  In needing certainty my courage began to vanish. What are we without courage?

You can’t afford to think about how your expression will be received in the world.  Your only job is to create.

As a great teacher reminded me, “Consider this:  what if the woman who wrestles with God but doesn’t live to tell the tale is the one who refuses to create?  What if the fatal wound, the one from which we never recover, is regret?”

Hitting “send” is my promise to reclaim my courage and live without regret.

Sunset in Joseph, OR

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  1. Overcoming my internal critic / editor has recently become a dialogue with him to learn what he thinks he’s protecting me from when he limits my expression. It’s an ongoing dialogue. :-) thanks for sharing here MB.

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