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how do we build a community that allows everyone to taste the honey

Livi's bee hive

Look closely at this image.

These bees are creating an air conditioning system.  Really.  Select bees create a beard outside the hive to fan the bees who are raising young, forming honey combs, and harvesting pollen.

That alone is just awesome, but what brought me to tears was learning that the bees always create chains to the honey source.  These chains insure that every bee has access to the honey.

Can you imagine living in a community where every person was included in the food chain.

Just writing about this brilliance makes my heart ache with pain as I think of all the people in the world who are shut off from the nectar (I mean this in the broadest sense).

I have a wish today…  please bees, teach us your ways to give up our selfishness and remember our connection to all of life so that each person/being can be cared for, to know they belong, to taste the honey of life.


**  I thank my bee keeping friend Livi for this image and teachings.  She stewards this hive.  I thank you for cracking open my heart with your stories of these exquisite creatures that live so fully for 20 days on this planet.



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  1. I am sharing with my students today! Thank you…what an incredible way to start and shape a vision for our time together this term. In love and gratitude!

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