Time Alone – an act of (re)membering

Posted by on Jul 14, 2012 in inspirations | 2 comments

Last night my husband asked me,  “Do you need time alone?”

My immediate response was, “no, of course not.”  And then I got quiet, the quiet when you sink deep into yourself.  This was not a question for ‘super mom’,entreprenial,graduate school,ohmygodihaveapaperdueonthe17th,sure,i can run at 5:30am,yes,dinnerat6:00isgreat.

This was a question for the messyartist,loverofhumanity,ladybugrescuing,tumbleinthegrass,chasemychildrenintheforest,pianoplaying,lover.

Yes, yes, I do need time alone.  But why does this yes bring tears to my eyes and make my chest heave?  I think because I strive to be nice, helpful, of service to the world and being alone means I’m turning my back on what I love. But the tears reveal that without this time alone I become depleted.   My industrious nature has me turn my back on my true self.  Damn the training from our culture.

For a creative person, if you can’t give yourself the space to be alone then you eventually abandon the part of yourself that sources the juice of your work.




  1. I love my time alone. I don’t like having to leave my home to have it but I do enjoy my travels and room to myself at the end of the day.

  2. Deep bow to you woman as you listen to what is most true ~ Yes to love! Yes to contribution and service! And and big YES to time for YOU to be full and fed and connected to your inner source.

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