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Americans consume 3.6 zettabytes of data A DAY – trust me it is a lot.  Most of this information is telling me what to buy, think, feel, believe about myself or just passive entertainment.  I think that a new mapping “app” could get created that helps a human find there way back to themselves.  Please app, remind me who I am.   What do I really enjoy?  What are my values?  What do I love? What is deeply important to me?

In a recent issue of Newsweek – you know the one, with the sexy women, blind folded on the cover… dished out data about our fantasies.  In response a dear friend had this to say:

A Feminist Dream

On the cover of Newsweek

in my mailbox today was the decenteredtelling your story about who YOU are


“The Fantasy Life of Working Women:

Why surrender is a feminist dream.” 

In a performative joust I said aloud,

‘is this all you’ve got?’

Last night, in my feminist dream,

I saw a garden with half a ship’s hull

–the belly–planted in the dirt,

vines climbing, fruit bursting–almost unbearable

beauty. And the people came to see,

with a longing to touch–to belong.

My feminist dream is about surrender, though

not to expulsion, violence–enough.

But to what we almost cannot bear

to know–the inclusion, belonging,

painful yet audacious story of love.

That’s this workin’ woman’s fantasy of

surrender. Quite a dream.

for more of Francene Watson:  www.greatdog.org

Through language Fran is creating her map, claiming who she is in this world – in a sense this is her prayer or promise.   She could have tossed out the issue of Newsweek, but instead she made her dream alive through language.  She is claiming HER story.   And damn, this inspires me.

Now your turn:  disengage from the data flow, just for a minute and listen to yourSelf, the creative genius that is aching to be set free.  We are waiting for your dream.

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