Resuscitating a Bee

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Resuscitating a Bee

There is something about the capacity of the human heart that just makes me ache.  Today was one of those moments.  My dear friend, Olivia, just recently became a bee keeper (that is another story) and she shared with me an experience she had with one of her bees yesterday.  In listening to her words my body just covered in goose bumps and my eyes filled with honey sweet tears as I entered the most tender human and bee moment.  I asked if she would write the story for me to share with all of you.  An hour later this piece arrived in my email.  Enjoy!

Bee Love

It is raining

Slow, steady, fine drops on my face as I walk out to check on the bees

As I approach the hive I see a motionless bee body

Silent and unmoving in a small, cold puddle on the hive roof

A worker bee lady

Alone, cold, and by all appearances, dead

I pick her up gently, place her in my warm palm to give thanks for her hard work

I am mesmerized by the intricate fluffs of fur on her body and as I watch closely

Suddenly, a leg moves, then another. Reflexes, right?

Now, as she lies on her side, I see Breath – precious air moving life into her body

First slowly, then rapidly.

I am held in this moment, disbelieving and believing.

I breathe warm breath onto her wet wings

She flutters both wings in thanks, then turns her body, now held upright by her legs

She begins to walk around my palm, my fingers,

Her antennae looking

I lower my hand to the hive opening – she moves swiftly now and walks into the hive

Joining the heat of HER tribe

I slowly exhale, believing now

by, Olivia Ullrich


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  1. In gratitude. Thank you for posting and sharing this. Beautiful/reminder of all that is.