Falling in Love: Lessons from a slug

Posted by on May 1, 2012 in inspirations, media bar | 1 comment

There is something special about the moment just after a big rainfall.  Today’s moment was an encounter with slugs and when I say slugs I’m talking hundreds.  I was out exploring a new running path next to some wet lands.  My run quickly turned into a walking obstacle course as I dodged these little invertebrate beings.  Eventually, I settled into a rhythm as I slowed my pace and became enamored with the variety of colors, shapes and iridescent trails.   As my pace slowed I also became more aware of the people around me – their eyes, hair movement in the wind, musings of what stirs their heart, the longing that brought them to this path.  This slow movement gave space for my eyes to meet those eyes of many others.  I think it only takes a second to fall in love.

Photo taken by my dear friend Virginia Rhoads, another slug lover, and you can find her musings at http://allonenow.wordpress.com/

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  1. Love this – sluggies… thank you for sharing :).