Bush Whacking

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Let me apologize now for the blurry image.  I was in the hands of an 8 year old and they operate at a whole different speed than we adults do. This photo was taken on a “hike” I went on with my sons.

The hike started with me in the lead and quickly turned into a bush whacking adventure with me trailing my kids.  On this off-road excursion we encountered game trails, deer droppings, stinging nettles and juicy slugs. This full throttle movement came to a halt with my oldest son gazing at awe at this creature.  He called us forth to enjoy the red bug.  And then he said, “see, mom, this is why you bush whack and venture off trail because you get to see creatures you have never seen before”.

It is true, in all my years hiking this particular forest I have never seen an insect as vibrant and red as this beetle.  And yes, so much truth from our young elder.

I walked with his words and thought how appropriate for coaching. So many times I have stayed the course out of fear that I’d encounter something unfamiliar, only to miss the path which has me AWAKE to LIVING.   Fear of the unknown keeps us from every experiencing the fulfillment of the promotion, freedom in speaking the truth to your partner, or whatever it is that YOU are longing for – Your Opus.

I invite you to gather your tools and get bush whacking because there are worlds (or even your Self) to be discovered when you allow yourself to get off the worn path.

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