An unexpected teacher

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An unexpected teacher

Dear Turtle –

You seemed so out of place resting on the running path.  I moved your body down to the sandy shore. You were dying and I was concerned that a biker may injure you.

Your beautiful shell still shines on the sandy beach.  I visit you often to listen to your teachings – the gifts that all turtles offer to me…patience…slowness…presence…

Even today when I finish my run I visit you.  You remind me to slow down and get present to this moment. You remind me that the earth is in my care. You remind me that each choice I make informs the legacy I am leaving for our children and this beautiful planet.

Thank you turtle.

With gratitude, MB

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  1. That is beautiful story mb…u are an inspiration and a light for me…I will be thinking of the turtle in those times where I feel overwhelmed and caught up in all the “things” I believe I should be doing to be a good mom wife and responsible person. I will call upon the turtle to re focus my energy and slow myself down so I can enjoy my journey fully.

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